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Many Americans are concerned that they will either run out of money in retirement or risk not having enough money to maintain the lifestyle they've become accustomed to. That's why monthly income planning is one of the most important steps in creating the retirement lifestyle you want. Don't wait to consider your financial options. Annuities can grow your initial assets while offering protected monthly income for the rest of your life that can fill a critical gap in your retirement funds.

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Retiring comfortably is a goal shared by most. Annuities can provide guaranteed income every month with growth potential. Take our quick quiz to find out if annuities are right for your retirement goals.

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Are you within 15-20 years of retirement?

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Have you calculated how much monthly income you need in retirement to cover your essential expenses?

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Do you have a pension that will provide monthly retirement income?

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Do you believe your retirement savings, Social Security and pension (if you have one) will provide enough monthly retirement income to last your lifetime?

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Is it important for you to have protected monthly income while also maintaining the potential for it to grow in retirement?

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Is your retirement income protected from market volatility?

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Do you want your beneficiary to receive income when you pass away?

Renee Lamoreaux


"I'm very thankful for my annuity. It gives me a great sense of stability. It's not even a sense, it's a reality of security and stability in a world of fluctuating markets."

Renee Lamoreaux faced certain risk every time she jumped from an airplane as part of the first generation of female smokejumpers in the United States. She performed her duties for 16 years and was promoted to a leader of her smokejumper squad.

Lamoreaux earned an annuity in 1996. She lived with risk long enough, but opted not to retire with it. "I can be a great risk taker in my life and not so great with finances — I'm blessed and grateful for the annuity I have."

Dr. Ben Labrot, Founder & CEO

Floating Doctors

"You have to balance your risk with as many strategies as possible to try to protect yourself."

Dr. Ben Labrot founded Floating Doctors to provide professional medical help to underserved communities worldwide. It all began while visiting a Maasai village in desperate need. At that point the seed for Floating Doctors was planted, and Dr. Ben could never again turn a blind eye to those in need of medical attention.

Dr. Ben safeguarded his retirement with an annuity. "It really behooves people to think carefully about what they're going to put their money into, and to have something that's pretty safe so that they can take risks elsewhere."

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Get to know your retirement options


An annuity can provide a protected monthly income for the rest of your life. We know that navigating the information on annuities in the last few years has been complex. We're here to show how annuities can be a valuable complement to your overall retirement income strategy. This retirement portfolio chart will help you better understand the differences between annuities and other investments.

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Discussing your retirement can be stressful, but you don't have to go at it alone. We put together a checklist that covers key questions and concepts to help you prepare for a more productive conversation with a financial advisor or benefits representative on how annuities can be an important part of your retirement portfolio. Get started with your annuities conversation by using the checklist provided.

Retirement Checklist

Our 9-point checklist covers the important questions for you to discuss with a financial advisor. This checklist will help you have a productive discussion regarding your retirement and the steps you can take to best prepare for the road ahead.

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